Aseman, is a 5 star international hotel near the Imam Reza’s mausoleum. This hotel is a collection of Restaurants, and cafes and the business units. Due to the specific location of this project in the city the façade of this project is very important. The proximity of the hotel to the Haram, on the one hand it will change it to the attention of pilgrims, to stay or buying on the other hand, partial view of the city and within sight of the pilgrims around the shrine, are traveling. Given the importance of visual function and hotels along the eighth heaven, cases have been considered in its design:

– Open the building to the city and citizens

– Separation of Hotel and business section include shops, restaurants and cafes

– Integration of the building (the importance of sight view of the streets and neighborhoods around the hotel)

The use of brick facade designed by the hotel, is a unique solution, as the materials used in brick architecture of Iran, on the other hand, the average cost was available, not in conflict with its urban context. Thus, the facade of the hotel on the face of the city, not just pretending, but also respects the shrine complex. The hotel features easy manner in accordance with the details provided to enable it to run quickly, baked bricks are designed to be separate panels of the building connected.

| in collaboration with Metamorphosis Method  Hasan Asnavandi Fatemeh Mardani  |