Tehran based architects TehranPlatform present their project “Gradient”. The piece was created for municipality of Tehran to celebrate new year in Iran. The installation was located under the Hafiz Bridge and Karimkhan bridge which are the two most important bridges in Tehran city center.


Today life in the metropolis is the expostulation of accepting concretized forms of citizenship. Cities became the place of passing through cement-ical and heavy objects, elements or handmade monsters – created for us, or by us.

The cement-ical face of city’s monster is an actual image of a gradient of grey; from the bright on top to the dark at the bottom.


The Gradient is an exercise by Tehran Platform which gives an opportunity of having/experiencing this gradient in color. Gradient means changing gradually from light to dark, from one color to another. But what Tehran Platform did was making a suspended volume of colorful fabrics hanging from a brutal cement-ical bridge; a contradictory possibility of passing under a bridge pausing, and looking up at this colorful addition to the monster. This urban intervention creates a colorful interruption in-between the emptiness of repetition of columns under the bridge.

project info:


Design and Fabrication: Tehran Platform

Installation: Diba tensile architecture

Location: Tehran, Iran

Photography: Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

Client: Municipality of Tehran

Completed: 2016
Size: 60 sqm