“One country, two systems” was taken almost literally to be the main concept of our design, turning it into: “ONE BUILDING, TWO SYSTEMS”. This duality was seen in many different aspects of the building. The tower has a smooth “organic form” in contrast to all the surrounding box form buildings. This organic creature is the result of its context, only deliberately opposing to and in contrast with its surroundings. The duality is interpreted through the following features and ideas: conventional box form/ unconventional free form, masculine/feminine, solid/transparent, structure/ free space, heavy/ light, light/dark, etc.
This organic characteristic is also in line with the main idea of “eroticism” behind the project which is a “Luxury Adult Club Hotel” and has emerged from two abstract body forms, holding one another and intertwining with each other.

The tower is formed by combining two free form structures; one being solid and literally making the structure of the tower and the other being transparent which incorporates the spaces needed in the building. These two intertwining parts also represent two bodies; the former being “masculine, solid and heavy” and the latter representing a “feminine, transparent, light” figure.
In short;” Two organic systems combined to form an erotic final form in contrast to the surrounding buildings yet sitting appropriately in the context.”

| in collaboration with Ali kermanian Amin Bahrami Nina Asiaei |