This project is an attempt to express the concept of the garden.  Today the concept of the Garden is changed from private space to a public space and our main solution for adapting these two different words together is adding the GAME. This project is modular and the geometric logic is very simple. At the same time it produces a lot of complex and exciting places in human scale. Construction of this project is easy, fast and flexible and it’s not depending on the material system. In this type of architecture elements are less important and what is important is the impact of their environment and the relationships with each other and elements are organized in the smallest possible form.

This project is just an idea and because of that and because of its geometric logic we achieve to the simple and flexible idea for this street. Our effort in this project is to create a democratic space. Instead of overall performance, or use of specific forms we have enhanced the potential of the project and with using a mathematical model Quad-tree we have taken steps to achieve these goals.

| in collaboration with Metamorphosis Method  |