Resosseous [ resonating osseous structure ] is an exploration in the relationship between form, space, sound, and social interaction. Polyhedral bone structures and their connecting ligaments are embedded with technology to evoke a collaborative interaction with any number of people in a given environment. Sensors translate a range of human touches into a resonating soundscape that encapsulates the skeletal form and its immediate surroundings. The object remains dormant until it is engaged with, thereby transforming from a sculpture to a live instrument, a constantly evolving and performative domain. Resosseous is the antithesis of a non-place. It harbours people’s curiosity to reshape any space into a social one, as humans create harmony between each other and their environment.

Client: EASA Lithuania | Not Yet Decided

Date: August 2016, Nida, Lithuania

Tutors: Ramin Shambayati, Mehran Davari

Participants: Diana Ferro, Ela Zdebel, Ema Velkovska, Senad Jamini, Hristina Sekuloska, Joanna Lewanska, Will Judge, Karina Armanda, Tamara Rangelova, Irena Milojeska, Miisa Lehtinen

In collaboration with Soundscape 2.0 workshop –

Special thanks:
Gedailė Nausėdaitė, Vilius Balčiūnas, Justinas Jakštonis & EASA Lithuania team –
Bare Conductive –