Aqua Pan

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Sound Installation- The Idea of designing a sound installation was based on the impact of people interactions on a deactivate space which by the presence of them it could be activated. The pure resemblance between water and sound waves was quite noticeable so that we came up with the decision of choosing water as an interface between people and the sounds.  The Aqua Pan Was fabricated by assembling different Objects Including Steel Bowl, Copper Pipes, and Plywood Base Plates. The Steel Bowl was Connected to the Horizontal Pipe By A Steel Patch Welded to The Pipe, Pipes were connected To each other with a Copper Connection And The Vertical Pipe was welded to a Copper Patch which was sunk to the Plywood Base Plate. The Bare conductive Touch Board was used as a touching sensor that through touching the conductive material (water), it gave us an audio output which in this case we used urban sounds as our output.