Tehran Platform was commissioned to design STM’s branch in Tehran, to display the lifestyle provided by STM products while providing all functional necessities, under a low budget. The store is located in 3rd floor of Paytakht Mall, a well-known computer and electronics complex in Tehran. Trying to fit the small space of the store, both main sides were covered by metal fences, altering the function of walls into showcases. Implementing these vertical grids created some kind of flexibility in designing the showcase as the owner could choose number of products to show, and the place in grid to hang them. In an effort to emphasize on STM’s unique design, a single black box is placed in store frontage as a display unit to extract each product out of a mass customized and industrial context and show it as a unique piece of art.

project info:

design and fabrication: tehran platform

installation: tehran platform consulting team

location: tehran, iran

photography: Mohamadreza Fattahi

client: Tehran STM branch 

completed: 2016
size: 14 sqm