UrbanSense concept is providing a platform in which people can make a pause, interact and express their emotions during their daily life. Since UrbanSense is a location based installation, we specified different nodes in Tehran including parks, stations, cultural centers, etc which are more crowded and let the UrbanSense have more interaction with citizens

1) Text Message

We have a local texting platform, in which you can send text messages to our server by following the instruction near the installation.

Your message is going to the database, displayed on the LED board in a row. Each sentence will remain in the LED board for 5 minutes to provide the ability to read for people who come to visit the installation.

After 5 minutes, previous sentences will be replaced by new sentences place.

2) Camera

There is a webcam placed in the middle of installation which is going to take pictures and collect the visitor’s mood while they are standing near the installation and reading senteces. Pictures that are taken by the webcam, the emotion of people inside them would be detected and the data would be accumulated in our data base.